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Rest in a farmstead on Lake Osveyskoe

A farmstead Yablonovca is situated in Vitebsk oblast, northern Belarus, near Latvia and Russia,40 km away from Latvia border and 17 km away from Russia border, in the picturesque corner of Belarus on the lakeside Osveyskoe, the second largest lake in Belarus.

        In the farmstead you can take a rest from daily fuss, enjoy the quiet and fresh air, wash yourself in Russian banya, fish in clean Lake water, get horse riding lessons, have ride on horse team or on bicycle through routes Hunter, Fishing, visit an antique park. This park is a whole system of ponds and canals united with Osveyskoe Lake. There are a lot of small bridges, which keep traces of the picturesque Gilsen-Shadurskiys graph palace. This palace was build in 1782 in the classical style and was destroyed in 1914 during the World War 1. 


Welcome to the farmstead Yablonovca! 




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